Metal shelving The Company takes orders for metal shelving of any kind and size. Manufactured at a factory quality light shelving, sturdy, easy to move and reuse. They are designed for shops, cellars, warehouses, as well as for open spaces. They are high quality and easy to use and content.

Billboards Made by "SIS" LTD billboards will satisfy even the most demanding customer. The company takes the retail and wholesale orders for billboards of all types and sizes. Thanks to modern technology the company may make an order in any quantity at affordable prices and short terms.

 Shelves for display and sales "SIS" factory specialists skilled in the manufacture of shelving for shows and sales and have years of experience in this matter. Made by specialists shelves are high quality racks and easy to use in any environment. Factory specialists also carry out design and installation of shelving.

Umbrellas of different types and sizes If you need umbrellas for summer residence, office, cafe or some other location, then please contact us. We accept retail and wholesale orders for umbrellas of any type, size, color and preference. Also orders accepted for tent umbrellas, with which are "tented rooms" created.

Furniture The best traditions of the furniture stored in the case of "SIS". Furniture specialists combine the best of tradition with contemporary solutions and manufactures high-quality and affordable furniture. The consumers can be free in their preferences and with the designer to design their preferred furniture, and specialists will be engaged in manufacturing and installation of furniture.

Spare parts and components of electrical networks, railways and electric vehicles As a supplier of a number of public and private companies "SIS" is specialized in the manufacture of spare parts and units of electricity supply, railways and electric vehicles. Here you can order the nodes that are available and quality is guaranteed by us. Thanks to the latest devices any order made at the highest level and as soon as possible.

Stamps, templates Modern devices and experienced specialists provide confidence that produced at the factory dies and templates are of high quality. If you need stamps or templates, please contact us and our specialists will make your order in any quantity. The company guarantees the quality of any manufactured object.

Parts, assemblies At the factory orders for the various parts and assemblies are accepted. Manufacture of wood, plastic, metal parts and assemblies made by means of high-quality equipment and highly skilled specialists.

Non-ferrous metals The Company provides alloys by various methods. With the help of modern equipment made: rn1 alloy high-pressure rn2 alloy with anti-aliasing, rn3 alloy with sand.

Holiday Accessories We offer an extensive selection of holiday accessories: swing, metal ladders, plastic and metal chairs, tables and umbrellas. Orders by your preference are accepted. Products are with an interesting and applicable design, practicality and quality.

Metal doors, cages, bins "SIS" company is engaged as manufacturer of metal and wood doors, cell dumpsters provided for use in both home and external conditions. Manufactured at the factory metal doors and the cells were robust and sturdy, and trash cans are suitable for reuse.