Technical support

Milling and turning machines
At the factory milling and turning machines perform high-quality three-dimensional engraving. 

Cutting-edge devices make it possible to perform high precision engraving on various materials such as wood, laminate, metal, aluminum.

Machines with their precision are ready to satisfy the customer even the most delicate taste. 
Spray painting with electrostatic method
"SIS" Ltd offers spray painting with electrostatic method. 

With the help of modern spray dyes any object can be painted with high accuracy. This method of painting excludes the existence of spots and using it paint will be apportioned to all corners of the subject. 
 metal and wood processing and casting machines
With high-quality metal and wood processing, as well as high-pressure casting machine company in the short term the manufacture of high quality plastic and metal stamps and templates.

They are designed for prolonged use, easy to use in terms of content.
Welding devices
"SIS" ltd is equipped with devices provided for welding of various degrees, which make it possible to carry out installation works in any environment in the short term.  

The work is done all the options, point, argon, CO2.