"SIS" Company was founded in 1989.

In the first period, the company produced parts for automobiles, which were exported to Russia. Since 1993 the company exports to St. Petersburg electric vehicles transmitters and other inserts.



Metal shelving Manufactured at a factory quality light shelving, sturdy, easy to move and reuse.
Billboards Billboards: will satisfy even the most demanding customer.
 Shelves for display and sales Shelves for display and sales : high quality racks and easy to use in any environment.

Technical support

Milling and turning machines
At the factory milling and turning machines perform high-quality three-dimensional engraving.
Spray painting with electrostatic method "SIS" Ltd offers spray painting with electrostatic method.
 metal and wood processing and casting machines The company is equiped with high-quality  metal and wood processing, as well as high-pressure casting machines